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Hands-free protection.

Manufactured in exclusive flexible PVC laminate (not EVA) for greater resistance and durability. Highly flexible, reusable, portable, lightweight, easy to clean, recyclable, takes the shape of the body without static. Non-disposable.



Unisex. Variety of colors and sizes. Translucent material, which provides an elegant look.



Wide design that provides freedom of movement and prevents the garment from tearing.

Coverage of backpacks, bags, coats, jackets, etc.



Ideal for sightseeing trips, camping and hiking, concerts, working in the rain and any other outdoor activity.



Easy to carry and use, lightweight, flexible and quick-drying.



Elegant design, compatible with street wear.



Made of low crystallinity material, ensuring its impeccable presentation over time.



Material with high technical quality standards, high thermal insulation, high resistance to deterioration and to atmospheric, biological and chemical agents.



Available in sizes S, M, L and XL for Adults. Assorted colors.

Fashionable design suitable for casual lifestyles.

Materials manufactured to the highest standards and designed to be highly resistant to all types of inclement weather.

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